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RAW Knitting
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1 Millfield Court, Linley Avenue
Haxby, York, North Yorkshire, YO32 3PA, England
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York, North Yorkshire
RAW (Rachels aerobic workout) knitting started just two weeks ago when all the girls in the aerobics and running club wanted something other than fitness. The founder member Sarah Stower says "knitting is the future you can learn new skills while meeting new friends!"
We plan to climb Snowdon Mountain in North Wales in September 2010 and do some knitting at the top plus take our knitting running with us!
Everyone is welcome young old male female its great fun and you get to chat!
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Reviews (3)
byKnitina, July 21, 2010
Well Rachel's done it again another club to be actively part of, the last time I tried knitting I was still at school. Rachel patiently talked me through and lastnight I actually admit I started knitting...and enjoyed it. It gives you a sense of calm, it's so therapeutic...off for more wool!!.
Just wanted to say the first night of knitting went well thank to you all lots of fun exchanging ideas! keep the knitting up great after a run or while running I find!
Having spent a great day today with the lovely Rachel... I would like to say she is by far one amazing lady, to hear she has set up RAW knitting club FANTASTIC!! what a great way to unwind in the evening after a RAW RUN...... she has shown me some of her samples of knitting very nice too... i will look forward to joining in with the RAW knitting group... great plans ahead ladies watch this space!!!!!
Happy knitting girls, well done Rachel for yet again for making another enjoyable evening for us girls...
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