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How to Start a Stitch 'n Bitch PDF Print E-mail

Starting a Stitch 'n Bitch is easy -- after all, it's just a bunch of folks getting together to knit, nothing more, nothing less. It's  pretty much guaranteed that if you plan it (ad get the word out in the right places) they will come. Here are some ideas to get your knitting party started:


LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: Choose a meeting spot where it will be easy to find seats for a varying number of people--the most popular cafe in town is probably not the best choice. A cafe off the beaten track, or one that isn't known for serving the best doffee in town, is a better idea. Next, you want it ot be someplace where it's okay to nurse a cup of tea or coffee all night long. Case the place to make sure that they have empty tables on the night you plan to hold your group. (That way, you can be certain that your group won't be putting a large dent in the waiters' wallets.) You want a place that is relatively well lit. Finally, if you live in a big city, it should be somewhere central, close to public transportation (and to available parking).

We can't recommend holding meetings at anoyone's home, because it makes it difficult to establish a regular night and time for your Stitch 'n Bitch. If your host has a conflicting engagement, or isn't feeling well, that's the end of you meeting that week. Plus, newcomers might not feel as comfortable dropping in to a stranger's house as they would a random cafe.

GET THE WORD OUT: Let the world know about your group by setting up an email list online that makes it easy to email everyone at the same time (yahoogroups.com offers a good way to do this, as do some other web servers). Register your group on this site. Then, see if local knitting shops will let  you post notices about the group. Include the time, place, and the e-mail address for signing up and getting info. If you're active on any Web-based bulletin boards and think the members are right for your group, post the information there as well (you can also post it here .) And of course, if you see someone on the bus or in your local bar who's knitting, ambush them and invite them to join.

STAY REGULAR WITH FIBER: No matter what evening you choose, there will always be a few people who won't be able to make it--so don't drive yourself crazy trying to please everyone. Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday nights are your best choices. A good starting time would be 7pm, which gives people enough time to get there after work, without a lot of empty time in between. Once you've decided on a time and place, try not to change it. Since many members of Stitch 'n Bitches won't come every week, it's good to establish yourself at the same Bat time and the same Bat channel every week -- it makes it easier for people to show up whenever they can make it.


Reprinted from Stitch 'n Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook



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