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iTunes Radio users are returning to Pandora in search of better tunes

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iTunes Radio users are returning to Pandora in search of better tunes
By Jacob Siegal
October 29, 2013 1:30 PM
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iTunes Radio users are returning to Pandora in search of better tunes
pandora When Apple first announced iTunes Radio , many people assumed that the inclusion of a full-fledged streaming service within the most popular music store on the planet would be the death knell for Pandora  and other similar services. It turns out that might not be the case, as Apple Insider shares a survey from Canaccord Genuity that found only 8% of users who had tried iTunes Radio stopped using Pandora altogether. Analyst Michael Graham believes that “Pandora’s October monthly listener metrics are unlikely to be materially impacted by iTunes Radio, creating a potential positive near-term catalyst.”
pandora jewelry sale Interestingly, iTunes Radio topped Pandora in several categories on the survey, including the look and feel of the app and the smoothness of the app. We spent some time with iTunes Radio when iOS 7 first launched, and although its convenience is undeniable, the music selection was just not as cohesive as Pandora’s. The Music app on the iPhone feels even more cluttered with the added iTunes Radio option, and overall the app is just less robust than the Pandora app. Having not used Pandora in years, iTunes Radio actually brought us back to the classic music streaming service in search of less repetition and easier access to our stations.
pandora outlet stores iTunes Radio only just entered the market, so there is sure to be plenty of movement back and forth over the next few months, especially if Apple plans on adding new features to its service down the line.
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