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TRIED & TESTED: Highs and lows of heels
By Kasmiah Mustapha and Nadia Badarudin
They love flat shoes but Kasmiah Mustapha and Nadia Badarudin try on heels for a change
The last time I wore heels.
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I guess it was in the 1990s but, if I remember correctly, my shoes had two-inch wide heels, so it may not pass for what women call heels today.
Why I don’t wear heels.
I am not a fan of high heels, especially those with slim ones. I can’t walk properly in them and I find them painful to wear.
 While some women wear heels to add more inches to their height, I choose comfort over vanity.
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Do I think high-heels are sexy?
No. There’s nothing sexy about walking around in shoes with slender high heels such as the stiletto.
You are putting your entire body weight on a thin stick and that is unnatural. If women think wearing heels is sexy, they are obviously unaware of (or unperturbed by) health issues that arise from wearing high heels.
My take on these shoes.
Since I am all for comfort, the Eliza is perfect for me. They are not heels, but more a slip-on, covered shoes with one-and-a half inch heels. They are also designed with arch support to ensure that those with flat feet, weak or fallen longitudinal arches get the support they need.
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Since I have high arch, the foot bed also helps to reduce foot strain.  The arch support helps ease any pain on my heels and legs when I walk for a long time. I like that even though they are a slip-on, the shoes look formal and comfortable to walk around in.
Will I wear high-heels after this?
No. — KM
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Last time I wore heels.
At a wedding two months ago.
Why I don’t wear heels.
I’ve had two bad experiences with wearing heels to work. In the first, I was stranded in a flash flood at Masjid Jamek LRT station. In the second, I was sent to cover a spot assignment — a fire — when I was a journalist in Kedah. I was wearing a new pair of strappy stilettos in both incidents. I have learnt my lesson, so for work, I try to stick to practical and comfortable shoes such as flats or sneakers.
Do I think high-heels are sexy?
Yes. That’s why I wear heels occasionally, especially to weddings or events where a dress code is specified.
My take on these high-heel shoes.
The leather pumps fit my feet nicely, particularly at the arches. The classic round toe and stable heels provide good support and comfort. The combination of suede patches and leather in beige adds a bright cheery look to the feet.
Will I wear high-heels after this?
I’ll stick to special occasions or when I have to take public transport for assignments. Heels make me feel taller and more confident when in a crowd. — NB
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