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Surviving the dreaded first snowfall of the season
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Surviving the dreaded first snowfall of the season By DOREEN ROSEVOLD
Farm and Ranch Guide
October 30, 2013 3:26 pm  •  By DOREEN ROSEVOLD (0) Comments
The bedroom seemed unusually bright this morning, even with the full moon. I lifted up on one elbow and looked out the window. Snow! I flopped back down and said, “Wake me on May 1, okay? I don’t want to miss my birthday or the tulips.”Replica Wacthes “Don’t you want to see Christmas?” my spouse asked.Replica Wacthes “No.”Replica Wacthes “What about Valentine’s day?”Replica Wacthes “You always forget Valentine’s Day anyway. My gift to you this year will be to not nag you about Valentine’s Day. I will be sleeping.” I covered my head and hoped the cold, white misery would go away.Replica Wacthes While I hid under my blankets I called to mind all the people who have told me over the years that they like cold temperatures or “it just wouldn’t be Christmas without snow;” those mentally ill people who observe that winter makes everything look “fresh and clean.” I thought mean thoughts about them in between my snores.Eventually I got out of bed. The day seemed to want to begin as if something awful hadn’t happened. I had work to do as if nothing had changed at all. I made coffee while keeping my back to the windows.My grandson came over. “Grandma! Did you see it snowed?” He was garbed in his snow boots and there were flecks of snow on his eyelashes. He was excited and the cold air pulsed from his body as he smiled a winning smile. “Aren’t you glad?”How could I tell a seven-year-old that snow stinks and I wouldn’t care if I never saw it again? How could I tell him I want to sleep until May when there he is clutching a snowball in his hand like he’d discovered a gold nugget? How can I tell him that I’m going to go back to sleep now until he turns eight?Instead I summoned up that miserable little corner of sunshine reserved specifically for grandchildren and replied, “Do you like the snow?”He reminds me that snow is great. You can make snowmen and forts. You can throw snowballs and go sledding. The dog makes tracks in the snow and Christmas lights look really nice in it and you can see better in the dark when there is snow.“Aren’t you cold?” I asked, hoping that some little part of him was like my miserable self.“No! I love it!” he said. I gave him a cookie and sent him on his way before he saw the side of grandma I usually reserve just for grandpa.I muttered to myself for the next hours about how I won’t see anything green until next year. I verbally rampaged against icy and snowy roads. I cursed snow boots and especially winter coats that don’t let you bend over or bring a coffee cup to your lips. I cursed coffee cups for letting snow weather cool them off too quickly.Evening came and my mood hadn’t improved much. “It’s October,” I brooded over supper. “Why can’t it wait to snow until December? Why can’t a December snow melt before January? I hate it when it snows. We can’t even plan anything when it snows. One little wind and we won’t be able to see the driveway so we won’t be able to go anywhere. Now we will have to start shoveling off the sidewalk and scraping the car.”“Have you looked out the window since this morning?” my husband asked over the first bites of his meal.“No. And I don’t intend to. I’m not looking out a window until spring arrives,” I grumbled.“The snow was all melted by noon,” he said calmly.“How was your day today, Sweetheart?” I asked. “I saved you a piece of apple pie. I’ll get it for you as soon I raise these kitchen window shades.”It turned out to be a fine day after all.
Doreen Rosevold , Farmwife Diary , First Snowfall , Long Winter Season , Surviving Cold Temperatures
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