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Classy Mechanical Watches That Doesn’t Hurt The Pocket
Indulge answers queries on elegant and affordable watches with mechanical movements
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Hi Team Indulge,
I want a sharp, classy, formal watch. watches Leather strap. best swiss replica watches Up to Rs. fake watches 17,000. copy watches Look forward to your recommendations. swiss replica watches aaa+
Hi TT,
Pull up a comfy chair. copy watches Because we could talk about sharp watches for several hours. Followed by several hours of classy watches. And finally, a week or two about formal watches. Not just because these are such “universal criteria”, but also because the last 24 months or so have been absolutely spectacular for anyone looking to buy simple, elegant two-hand watches. Watches without any of those bells and whistles that were the norm during the “oligarch” phase that culminated with the world financial collapse.
Instead, brand after brand—all the way form the top of the prestige pyramid to the bottom—have begun going back to simple designs, plain dials and wonderfully proportionate sizes. These are timeless products, no doubt, but they are also affordably priced. And affordable prices are particularly useful when economies are sluggish and you need to keep those inventories turning.
What does this mean for customers like you? Sheer delight. Because once the top brands set a trend, the more affordable ones tend to follow suit. So what can we do with your Rs. 17,000 budget?
Our immediate temptation is to look right in our backyards. Not Titan, but HMT. We’ve always been huge fans of HMT’s mechanical watches here at Indulge. The movements inside are very good and reliable. And while the designs aren’t quite as refined as the big brands, there is a certain Indian-ness about them that is very endearing.
There are highly rated sellers on the eBay India website who sell brand new HMT watches at superb prices. For instance, right now we can see a new HMT Sudeep watch for sale at just Rs. 1,695 with free shipping to anywhere in India. The watch is everything you wanted: simple, elegant and classy.
You insist on foreign? If so, look to the east. Seiko makes excellent two-hand watches on metal and leather straps well within your budget. I am particularly fond of the Seiko 5 range of automatic watches that have excellent movements inside them, but cost very little indeed. If you’re open to Japanese brands, I must insist that you have a look at Orient as well. A sister brand of the Seiko group since 2001, the brand makes affordable timepieces that are finished well and will last well beyond most human lifetimes. The Classic Automatic range is very good, and you may even be able to afford two of them within your budget. Several online stores, such as Infibeam.com, sell Orient watches in India.
If you insist on Swiss excellence, then do not look beyond Tissot’s two-handed men’s watches on leather straps. Tissot may have a reputation for making high-tech touch-enabled watches. But it also makes superb, affordable elegant pieces for men and women. All within your budget.
Hi Indulge,
I have a budget of Rs. 50,000 for a watch. I know it’s not much to play with, but what would you go for? I prefer watches with manual winding. I currently wear a skeletonized Kenneth Cole.
Hello AL,
A skeletonized watch is a thing of beauty. And we congratulate you on your discerning eye.
Given that you wear Kenneth Cole, we are going to assume that you are not averse a tiny bit of pizzazz on your wrist. If so, we have an audacious recommendation to make. How about a Slow Watch?
The small, independent company makes several variations of exactly one kind of watch, a deliciously retro watch with a 24-hour face around which a single hand travels slowly. The founders told us recently that the watch was a statement: that life is not always a matter of seconds or minutes. But can be deliciously savoured slowly.
But we just love how unique, yet sensible, the watch looks. Inside beats a Ronda movement and outside is a well-made case strap. And all for half of your budget. Rest assured that you’ll be the only guy in most of the rooms with a single-handed watch on your wrist. (And trust us, you can actually read the time.)
However, we concede it is a quartz piece. And you seek manual winding.
There aren’t that many brands that make affordable manual winding watches any more. Most prefer automatic movements because they are cheap to buy, and less prone to damage. See our letter above to TT for our HMT recommendation. The Sudeep is a manually wound piece.
At the top end of your budget, you might want to check both Maurice Lacroix and Louis Erard. Both are available in India. And make automatic watches of high quality. But may we also recommend the mechanical watches that is sold by Victorinox? This Swiss brand is all about utility and reliability. It may not be the sexiest brand out there. But it does make great manual and automatic winding watches. Do check them out too.
Do you have a luxury consumption conundrum? Write to us at indulge@
First Published: Thu, Nov 28 2013. 11 13 PM IST
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