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Mansumer Reports: Gear For Your Holiday Party Hopping
Posted 12/10/13 5:00 pm EST by Ryan McKee in Gear , Mansumer Reports
Credit: Blend Images/Hill Street Studios
northface Shopping is every guy's least favorite activity. When you do buy a product, however, it's gotta be the best of the best. "Mansumer Reports" will keep the junk away from your junk.
the north face outlet It's time to round up the random schwag around my big-boss-ass cubicle and write another Mansumer Reports . Since it's the holiday season, I'm featuring items  you can use during your Christmas and New Year's Eve party hopping. Some items may sound like a bit of a stretch, but you can use anything for partying if you put your mind to it. The products are divided up into three categories: BEING SMART, LOOKING GOOD and GETTING BUZZED. Please make sure you party responsibly this season and only do so if you're of legal age.
Mojo Refuel Aqua
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If you have an iPhone 5, just pony up the $119.95 and buy this case . It's perfect for holiday party hopping because not only does it protect your phone from spilled beverages and unexpected bad weather, the battery pack is key for all those extra photos you're taking and social media posts you're pumping out.
Monbento Box
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the north face sale Anyone who throws a half-decent party knows the worst thing is to run out of food early. That's why hosts over-estimate and there's leftovers -- usually more leftovers than the host can eat before going bad. That's where you come in with your handy Monbento Box . Tell them that you're happy to take some for the road. Just pop it in your fridge at home, take it to work the next day and at lunch time, pop it in the microwave. Yeah, it's microwavable. Pretty sweet.

Heat Holders Socks
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These are the most comfortable socks I've ever owned. My girlfriend called them, "Like Ugg boots, but socks." I'm not sure what she meant by that, but I do know they keep me feet really warm. So, if you have to do any walking between bars or parties, put these puppies on and protect yourself from catching a cold.
Staples Neoprene Arc Notebook

I'm disorganized by nature. I miss doctors appointments, work deadlines, credit card payment and even parties because I just forget. Each New Year, I tell myself that I'll start keeping a better calendar in January, but never stick to it. This year, I started a month early with this Staples Arc Customizable Notebook and I'm already feeling more organized. I have all my to-do lists and daily schedules in one place, not scattered around on a dozen random post-it notes and cocktail napkins. Get it if you need help keeping your life in order through the hectic holidays.
Spray Thin

I'm dubious about this one . It seems like another snake oil weight-loss fad. Supposedly, you just spray this stuff on your food and it'll help suppress your appetite, causing you to eat less and ultimately lose weight. Sounds too good to be true. However, I'm going to try it over the holidays. I'll carry the Spray Thin around to parties and discreetly spray it on my food. Feels a little like I'm breaking Guy Code to do this, but if I don't gain my seasonal bowl-full-of-jelly belly, I'll deem it a success.
Woodchuck Case

This won't protect your phone like the Mojo Refuel Aqua, but it looks really cool. Check out Woodchuck for all kinds of different electronics cases.

I'm going to be honest, I didn't know collar stays were a thing that existed until CLEVERFIT sent me a sample. I'd wear hoodies every day of the week if I can get away with it (and I usually do). However, during the holidays, it is nice to get dressed up for parties and this product will keep your collar from twisting while you're drunk and dancing on the sofa. It's a very grown-up purchase.
I also love their "How To" video. Look the fat gold ring that dude is wearing. He seems a little old for a class ring? Also, watch how long they freeze-frame on his face a the end.

UV Sriracha Vodka

This was an easy sell to me. I love a strong, spicy bloody mary. And there is no better time to drink a spicy bloody mary than when it is cold outside ... especially, when you're hungover from the previous night's Christmas party. The Sriracha flavor in this vodka is strong, but you'll still need a good bloody mary mix. It won't compensate for a crappy mix.
Quench Bar10der

If you're throwing a party with a fully-stocked bar, but don't have all the bar tools, just buy the Bar10der . It has everything you need for $40. And you don't want to be the guy who can't make a martini properly. That screams amateur hour.

PAX by Ploom

I'm not a smoker, but the Pax Vaporizer is the really f-ing cool to use. Ploom sent it to me with some pipe tobacco and just a few pulls made me feel light-headed (I have a low tolerance). The smell is very minimal too, so if you have to go home for the holidays, and you don't want your family to know you smoke, this is a good way to keep it covered. For a great video on how to use it, click here .
Ploom Model2

This is a much cheaper option than its big brother above: $39.95 rather than $250. It gave me the same buzz as the Pax, and with barely any noticeable tobacco smell. I used it in my cubicle and none of my coworkers smelled anything. However, you can't just pack this one with anything like you can the other. You need to buy these Ploom Pods that have various types of tobacco inside.
Rejuve Juice Pen

I wrote about the Rejuve in another Mansumer , but they sent me some a Rejuve Juice (that sounds gross when I write it) with nicotine in it. The previous bottle was just flavored "juice." I don't get why someone would smoke one of these without nicotine? Maybe if you're trying to quit smoking? Anyway, the Bombay Mango flavor with 12mg of nicotine didn't do much for me. Didn't feel a head-rush like the Ploom products, but it's kind of fun to use. I still feel like the chemicals in the "juice" have to be bad for your health though.
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Ryan McKee (@ TheRyanMcKee ) is the editor of Guy Code Blog
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