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The Top Ten Stocks for Jan. 10
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Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Alix Steel and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Microsoft, Whole Foods and Tiffany. (Source: Bloomberg)tiffany

Big in the stock market. -- participating in this job market. Why you picked a different career bid stephanie -- then stephanie, working in wall street . we went in different ways, but we are both girls. You have to wonder why so many women are driven to barbara's industry. Real estate, finances. Real estate you see many, finances you do not. Corey walked onto a trading floor, and said i have a lot of people who look and sell like me, i guess i can do it. Women see others like barbara, who got into the real estate industry, that they can say i could do it. I started in 1997-2010 but there was a shift. You have to have a very similar skill set. It is about trust. Throw out what the numbers are sega but it is about can you trust someone? Corey did a good his salesperson that they would is the best idea, and say that stephanie ruhle told me to invest in the red is about understanding customer, emotional d'este motion of it. When it comes to dealing with your customer, it is always about trust commanded a business. There is no exception to that, if you're bored to build a business for yourself. What is missing here is when you're in your business, you have to get a guy on top of you to trust you. When you're in my business, all i have to do is trust -- get my customer to trust me. The real question is why are not moral been creating their own businesses -- more women creating their own businesses? Women have kids, have to leave the workforce, yada, yada . the imbalance does not have to do with women anymore, especially when they talk about other things. Work-life balance does not have to do with women anymore, cory is apparent is like i am. There we aren't -- we are not in a situation more word is a father's role, or a mother's role. I am interested in terms of how difficult it is for a woman to start up her own business. More than 50% of all new businesses today are started by women, and the reason is ability of time because they do have children. They make their own hours, they work when they want when they could do it at the cottage and grow it into something big. Why is it that women are not starting technology committees? -- companies? They are almost absent from that field, and that is a big place to make money today. We have been talking about sites about, and girls uncertain age do not push as hard -- at a certain age to not push that hard into the industry. I have two little girls combated very -- girls, and i am pushing them for anything i see. In this day and age, your daughters do not identify roles of women and men, and that is new. That is not the case when i was a kid. ? they're going to have a certain notion of there is a place of the world for them. Barbara, people must tell you every day that you're it is bracing for them. Not followed sack leader first steps -- not following exactly her footsteps, but saying that she didn't, i can do it. One of the three things should isn't it right out to be in your position in 10 years? The best time to do it is when you are young, when you do not know any better. When you get a terrific education, what it really happens is you become analytical. Analytical has nothing to do with building a business but it is violating under feed. About landing on your feet, bouncing back up, shake your head and moving on. Why not say they will work for yourself? No one is doing that with the girls, they do the boys, but not the girls. How important it is to be willing to fail. Able in your -- people in the young 20s about tenacity, hard work that is what you have to offer. Say you will run into that brick wall over, and over, and not focus on declined but not the only networking, your first five years of work just work. Be the best at what you do, and then the rest should come with it. Going to princeton is rumbling better than not going to princeton. A lot of people are spending a lot of money to go to these for- profit schools such as the university of phoenix, such as uti. I do not know if there'll good schools. University of phoenix is better than some of the schools, and has showed a genetic test radically decreasing roll over the last few years. A lot of it is regulatory. I wonder what you think is too much education? And mbas a great thing to have, depending on what field you're going into. Wall street, you of course -- want to have one of course. Constantly studying how to be an entrepreneur, having all the buzzwords and the fancy talk about when you have never had a job,, come on. We all protect our kids, but wait until that first negativity it's them. As far as getting -- i've no idea what you're tagging about -- talking about. This current era in silicon valley is very similar to what happened in 2000. they throw these buzzwords around. To bring this full circle, i do say that the majority of people hiring this month were actually women. There you go. They had more hired an entry- level positions. We do not know the position was, but if you look at the levels, more than 50% of the workforce is women, but they're sadly still making that he five cents to a man's dollar, and they are not they are the top levels. Kids get in the way. I do not care what people say, having children gets in the way. I have three of them, i know. It is tough. Thank you so much for your perceptions. Barbara is sticking with us. More "street smart," in two minutes. ? will come back to "street smart." guess how much your local congressman is worth? I'm going to that white a bit of cash, but for the first time ever more than half the members of congress are millionaires. Megan hughes joins us now. It is this a big surprise? They had to have money to run in the first place. It is not a surprise they are risk low but how rich they are, and how many of them. 535 members of congress about your the room with 270 millionaires. That is a lot of millionaires. Who is the richest? Let's take a look at the list. The center for responsive politics has congressman darrell issa. Then you have senator mark warner, representative jared polis, he is involved in bilbao.com, i couple of other ventures. Congressman john delaney another investor with some lending companies. Then representative michael mccaul from texas. He hit me at the top of the list, but that then they changed some of the reporting requirements when it came to spouses. His wife is the daughter of the chairman from clear channel. But if you guys look at this list, very well-connected but savvy at making money, self-made businessman. Barbara, tying back into what you're saying earlier, if you take a look at this list, all men. What a surprise, i'm so shocked to see it. [laughter] why wouldn't they want to go to congress? They made a ton of money, they have power, they have reach, what is left? They go to congress, become a politician. Anyone was told a tremendously successful business as a whole skill set that could really do good with. Ice -- i sure like that spurs is a professional politician -- ver sus a professional politician. Look at mayor bloomberg, he was fabulous committee was rich, he was experienced by the building greg is this an he applied it to this great city of new york. Looking at the u.s. census bureau for new york, 15% were underneath the official poverty rate. In the country. It speaks to that bifurcated economy that was the -- that we see. We're talking about a congress that has cut food steps, the fed has cut preschools for kids put it is that things that the poor n know firsthand. What that says is that this is not only a congress that is the least of any congress in entry, it is also progress that has trouble understanding the people that need their help. It does raise the question, are they out of touch? The president brought this up earlier this week, saying we could be in these shoes -- would these people really ever be in the shoes of the people receiving these benefits? Of course not. They still have the platinum catalog health care plan -- cadillac health care plan. What is interesting here though, is of the first investments for progress, -- for congress, can you guess? Real estate. Real estate was a gritty, commercial banks, computers, and then oil and gas. That is another concert, where the investments lie. We will fight for years, stories, by looking through the stock holdings that these congressional members have. The requirements to disclose this are really weak. Sticock prices are reporting right now, but these go back. Are they ever reviewed? I have seen these documents filed by hand so the computer cannot scan them so they do not end up in a database. This is difficult in duration to even find when it is really well that where people in congress are deciding to make personal investments at those of us in the financial markets or people who are journalists cover a talk about -- and talk about. And is not just real estate, but when they are investing in stocks, ge is at the top of the list, procter & gamble, microsoft, wells fargo, and apple. Just in terms of that question of conflict of interest, a lot of members invest in mutual funds, hedge funds, managed portfolios, because if you on the financial services committee , people are going to raise some concerns. Our washington source but it -- correspondent, megan hughes, thank you. The latest scandal about the french president. ? time now for a quick check of the headlines in our global outlook. The shipwrecked costa concordia will finally be moved from the waters of tuscany in june. It'll be taken to a port to be dismantled. They comes just before the two year anniversary of the ship running around, killing 32 people -- onaground, killing 32 people. People magazine ran a seven page x was a accusing him of an affair. He's not married, yes have an affair with his friend. The french would be disappointed if he was not. It might not even be having, -- it might not even be him, he just photographed a guy, it's assumed it was him. Selling magazines, that is the long and short of it. People love to gossip. 26 bethel, olivia sterns on the market. I know about the french political scandal. Docs have fluctuated between gains and losses, investors not to sure what to make of this major miss of the jobs report. The 74,000 gain the weakest since january 2011. this is the most a message -- pessimistic projection. You're saying treasuries rally, and the heels going down. The yield was about 10 basis point, and much bigger move there, some traders unwinding bets that the fed was going to accelerate the taper. We had those much better than expected adp jobs report out was that had people rising their forecast, but then you have this disappointing jobs number. Tesla, the company owned by elon musk is down a little bit today after reports the charges the use of the cars were overheating. This is after the department store forecast a launch for the fourth quarter, it's all holiday sales -- and saw holiday sales drop. ? welcome back to "street smart ," i am cory johnson. I'm am alix steel, we are talking real estate with the mobile, the shark take investor barbara. My husband and i bought a two- bedroom apartment in brooklyn for 800,000 a year ago. You say that we made a terrible mistake. I got a five bedroom, three story house with a separate garage and basement. And you have to drive to work. I am so happy that i get to drive to work. No ice yet. A lot of people are doing this, moving out of the cities and into the suburbs. It is called exurbanization. Since when is that news? The country goes through cycles. We're not only thing a cycle out of new york and didn't -- and into granites, but we are also moving into flyover country, from the coast. Moving from the ultra-trendy, super expensive entrances go, new york, into the middle of the country, laces like denver are getting very popular. Not just because we'd is legal, but because you can afford to buy a real house there. Cori is loaded with money. Why are you not shipping out or get -- to oregon? There is a lot of this going on where people are leaving to go to the places where they can get a lot for the money. It has been good for the growth of the technology business, specifically or portland, oregon. They have a big tech center, a big office for goldman sachs. That is their biggest growing office, salt lake city. Then use the -- and then you see -- they have a history of mining in that city. What a fantastic place to live. Good local schools as well. Part of what we have seen is a lot of foreign money coming into places like new york. That is pushing out the people that are actually litigated -- actually living here. The house prices go up in any market, and people get pushed out from manhattan to brooklyn what happens from san francisco, dorgan, to utah. That is the lay of the land, that is always the way it has been. People talk about moving out of cities and into the middle of the country divide detroit was completely blighted. My mother is telling me that all of these artists are moving to detroit, the kind of people that started williams work, and they're going to detroit because it is affordable. It is the going community, i how for all of these kind of weird, hipster, people can hang out. The place that nobody would touch has gone up 22%. they are always defers first to go in, and then the regulatory people will follow. I'm actually being quite serious here, or as a -- there was an article in huffington post talking about adding to a different real estate type of market. You people who might want to grow pot and they have a certain type of government they need to do that. Is that a real thing that will perpetuate this real estate market? I will start writing great ads, pot in the backyard, and a lovely front door. You can still grow pot in new york, -- i'm interested in this notion of specialty realty. A fervent northern new jersey vocus is on to boast -- on divorce people on the specific levels that they have. His specialty realogy someplace -- is specialty realty a real place you can grow? You want to make more money, see get out of it. They better realize that the wife is in charge of the house in the divorce. If you're messing around with the husband of a forgetting about the wife has the say on whether or not she is moving out. Levy asked about the nature of this market. I am from new york about i left your 16 years ago --i moved your 16 years ago. I cannot believe the housing prices here. I cannot amounted -- imagine there's a simple because everyone is required to live in such a crummy little apartment. Is new york similar to hong kong? London? Foreign investment saved miami, and what is going to build new york from this day forward to the end of time is foreign investors. It is not about income level, but about where your are deploying your money. Our investors for a more households -- our investors forming more households? Kids moving back in with their parents, parents moving in with their kids. Kid living with their parents are doing it three to four years longer. They want to be out with a job, but he gets awfully comfortable, especially when you do not have a job. Using foreign investments as the future of new york city, d expect to be able to sell to foreign investors? Small apartment buildings about i -- i have the deficit of my own memory of where everyone is worth three years ago. I cannot touch real estate because the numbers are not make sense,. . you cannot make money off of investment properties in new york anymore, the foreigners are taking them. Does that mean that it is a bubble? Do not even mention that word. We've had six years of foreign investment prices, and i've lived there for bubbles, and i can tell you that prices descend very slowly, but when they pick up the go gangbusters. We are just starting it. Wait until you see what happens to prices two years from now. You few really say the prizes are going crazy, i know surprised you're not -- i am surprised you're not buying. I cannot afford to buy, im not able to go up against the foreign investors/. do those have the same rate appreciation as a foreign investments? The lower tier properties, the top drags her best that. You get a lot of money on the top, and everything moves up. I like apartment buildings, that is what i have always done well in and made money in. What's your favorite one? The first one i bought was the best, and i did by accident, i felt -- i bought a townhouse a greenwich village. I paid $800,000. big white townhouse. I do it every rich person does, i put a $2 million mortgage on it, and bought my big fancy apartment. New york is golden, do not ever say anything about real estate in new york. It is just too expensive, that is why a lot of people are moving out. You cannot afford to get a decent house. My husband and i could not have bought the house we have if i did not get a great mortgage. What is going to be the impact on the year when you see rates begin to rise? Do you see the difference restrained that -- between 4.5% and 19%? rates are cheap. Everyone would get off the fence, and everyone went be in real estate. Thank you. We will be back in a few minutes. ? michael jackson did the moonwalk. Imagine if was three be captured. Or? joad -- or michael jordan doing the dog. Imagine what 3-d image would of done to popular culture. Will i am introducing his new job as a chief creative officer for 3-d systems. I wonder, as you enter -- adjust with entrepreneurs, how you distinguish between something that is truly hot read something that is a complete fad? A lot of industries i've heard about recently is a heated bad that i want to back off from. I was not ready to facebook in the early days, but once the hype started, it is not my comfort zone. I like to find my own little nuggets that nobody else has thought of and nursed them. Warren buffett has this great line, a manager with a great reputation that encounters a business with a crummy revocation, it is the repetition of the business that survives. I agree with warren buffett, but that applies to businesses that have numbers. The businesses that i invest in our tiny little startups. There are no numbers to analyze committed your egging on it -- analyze, and if you're picking on a business, that is not right, you should be taking on the art for nor. I watch how they respond when they are being hammered. That gives you a great indication but look for someone who's going to hit that finished for you in 10 years, not three months. We spoke with the ceo and former founder of netscape, there is this notion that it is really important to fail in silicon valley. If you start a business and it does not work out, keep the investor's money and ginger plant. -- change your plan. Do you like the theme of failure and change? I have to say, i like to see failure as long as it is not on my money. I do not want them losing money and experimenting. If they change their model, i would like input. Are you willing to take a chance on something you do not know about? I am going to take a chance of anything that is driven by great entrepreneur. Anytime i have been a loss on talk take -- shark tank, it has been big on a great idea with a lousy arm to router -- entrepreneur. I have got businesses out of my portfolio in three months, one recently in two weeks. The money is gone to i do not want to lose more. If you make it through a year with a, you're the fast-track to having a success. This gentlemen reveal that he used to have a different name but was kicked out of harvard law school, when i was an investor, i spent a lot of time looking at the uncovered background of whose these executives were. Do you do that kind of work? I have a great system. I commit to the businesses, and that i have them fill out immense amounts of information and then i have kids from the columbia graduate program and tell -- have them tell me anything wrong but this business. Financial background the legal background, where they have been in the world. I pay the beach with thousand dollars. I the best due diligence and the whole industry. What about the background? Do you look for those kinds of things that they would not put on the questionnaire? We do full research and background checks will but i'm not sure that would show up. I would pay you $1000 and get you on my team. What about revenue? How important is that? If you look at amazon where they are making a ton of money, but they're not making a lot of profit. How important is that? I could not care less about revenue. I focus on sales. If the sales are happy, you have a shot -- this is the silicon valley thing, snapped out of -- snap chat achieved -- that is nuts. Would you put your money there? When you think about cash on cash return, do you think about that at the end of the day? When any entrepreneur take anybody out, i take money out in equal revenue vegemite share -- compared to my share. What is your relationship once you give them the money? I work with them day in and day out, and i love the great ones. I hate the bad one, and i get rid of them, but i love the great once. Tell ame one./ they are so good-looking, that i just have to take their phone calls every time they call. I like living with a good news -- i am living my second youth. Unfortunately, the they have girlfriends. Daisy cakes has tremendous christmas on air, she makes homemade cakes and her little kitchen. Anyone was ever ordered a dating cake orders another 10 within the dear -- daisy cake orders another 10 within the year. I love the caregivers, they have people skills. I keep ending up in the food business. Isn't that risky? You have the food prices, the labor prices, especially if you're in new york city. Their growing gangbusters because they have the right entrepreneur. They will find themselves investing. The low-priced operation, very clever, tom and cheese, they have already of but a 92 franchises -- opened up 92 franchises. What you think about kick starter? My husband is making a small film and he is going to go on kick started to try to raise the money. How do you know that they are legit? They are monitored, they have a threshold that they have to raise the funds. Kick starter, in my opinion, the crowd funding is the single best thing that has affected the start of his this is. Just do your pets, get on your feet and sell it. -- pitch, get on your feet and sell it. I am worried that we're going to see so much fraud on these platforms. Raising money from an uninformed public. Bet. What your duration? One year. If it does, i will give you $500. barbara, it was a giblet or to have you -- such a pleasure to have you. Good luck, you're going to need it. We will have lots more, you're watching "street smart," live on bbg television and streaming on your phone, tablet, and at . ? we have stocks mixed as we head into the close. We are watching all the for you with three minutes and 45 seconds left on the clock. Adam is on assignment today, so i'm lucky enough to be joined by matt miller. I'm happy to join you. I'm happy to have you. Let's move on to number 10, abercrombie & fitch. You know that abuse to be a model for abercrombie & fitch -- adam used to be a model for abercrombie & fitch? It is up 11% after posting strong outlook. And its new model, adam johnson. Number nine is out,, falling the most in the s&p 500 after rockets missed analyst estimates. -- profits missed analyst estimates. Number eight, intuitive surgical raising about eight percent. The home furnishing maker being cut from neutral to buy, and the -- indicating a slowdown with them. The bad in issuing a week for guest after showing revenue forecasts weaker than normal. -- steve madden issuing revenue forecast weaker than normal. Lulu lemon bouncing back from embarrassing issues. The see-through pants might have been more embarrassing. Maybe more embarrassing for me. What was embarrassing about what chip wilson said. It you do not tell a woman that she doesn't look good, or it is her all but the pants are see through. He was just giving the message out to everyone so that they would know what we are all thinking. That was the problem. You do not, as ceo, say do not buy my pants if you're a certain weight. Their action was surprising because he has been saying stuff like that forever. He said it, he was -- it went viral, he was no longer chairman. The luxury jewelry retailer is also reiterating its full- year forecast. Hole. The nearly two percent of as they downgrade the stock from neutral to buy. It sales slowed in november and december because of its growing competition. Microsoft was downgraded from overweight equal weight. The bell is ringing, we are at our number one stock of the day -- esears, sales during the holiday time dropped to the and and shedding assets, selling locations. A challenging environment out there the s&p 500 with a gain of four points. .25 of 1%.
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