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'Mad Men' Recap: Season premiere - 'Time Zones'
By Ezekiel Hernandez , 4/14/2014
It's the beginning of the final season... which has been split into two years
watches An old man is looking into the camera reciting copy, about Accutron watches. At first, it's like a strange long monologue but he's making the pitch to Peggy. We get some wider shots - she's in a much nicer office now.
high quality replica watches for men Roger Sterling is getting a phone call from his daughter, who wants to set up a meeting, since they haven't seen each other in so long. He keeps it quite discreet that he is in a trashed hotel room with a few prostitutes scattered all over the floor.
swiss watches There's a new gray-haired man that is running the meeting with the copy crew at Sterling Cooper. During this meeting, he was berating Peggy's ad copy work. Throughout the episode, she comes to find out that her new boss gets under her skin even more than Draper ever did.
high quality replica watches for men Joan Harris spends most of this episode trying to do work for a client in charge of marketing for a shoe company. Looks like she's doing more account executive work.
all brand watches In the first shot of Don Draper, he is in a dark flickering bathroom shaving scruff off his face. He's arriving at an airport on the West Coast with his wife Megan waiting outside in a convertible.
swiss replica watches aaa+ Ted Chaough walks into the New York office, back from his work in the new Los Angeles office. Peg sees him coming in through one of the windows and gives a look of disgust as she yanks the blinds closed. The two later have an awkward exchange in the coffee room.
Megan takes Don out to dinner with someone from NBC. The man reveals to her that she's being chosen for a new pilot. After dinner, Don gets introduced to her new house on the hill, overlooking the city.
Viewers are taken for a long ride, left wondering if Don is doing for SCDP. It turns out he is, when Megan tries to offer him a ride to the office. Draper walks into a restaurant, and Pete Campbell is waiting for him. Pete has been sent out to Los Angeles to work clients with Ted Chaough.
Pete seems much more upbeat and jovial than the last time we saw him in the previous season. He professes his love for his new post in Los Angeles, despite all of the smog. Pete takes Don up to see his new swanky apartment by the La Brea Tarpits. A young blonde woman is led into Pete's apartment - his realtor. He says he's looking for a permanent house.
As Pete introduces Bonnie to Don, he gives her the all-familiar Draper look of seduction as they share formalities. She gives Don her card.
Back at Megan's house, Don had a few delivery guys bring over a large color TV. Megan lets Don know she's very upset by it, since it's so big and it crowds her space. It seems like they're on the brink of fighting, but the situation diffuses itself once Don decides to get intimate.
The two had a long night together after a long time apart, but now Don says he has to go back to work. When he's on the plane back to New York, he gets quickly acquainted with a woman sitting next to him (Neve Campbell). After sharing his marital problems with the stranger, the woman offers to get further acquainted when they land, but Don declines because of work.
Sterling follows up with his plans to meet with his daughter Margaret at breakfast. She says she forgives him for everything he's done, including abandoning her mother. She says that with a little help, she's come to understand some new ways of love. Roger is kind of taken aback by this.
Don is back in his apartment in New York, and his old SCDP friend, Freddie Rumsen, is there giving him the inside word about the office. It turns out Don hasn't been working at all for about two months, but he says he's still getting paid. Don's clinging to hope the partners will call back soon.
To close the show, we get parallel shots of Peggy and Don alone in their apartments. After Peggy's long day, she breaks down in tears. Don goes outside to his patio and sits out in the blistering cold as "You Keep Me Hanging On" plays.
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