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Hot Clicks Q&A: David and Tiffany Ortiz
The Red Sox slugger discusses Shirtless Napoli, Jake Peavy buying a $75,000 duck boat and more
By Andy Gray
When I found out David Ortiz was going to be at SI’s offices for  an interview with SINow, I ran to the studio to grab some time with the Red Sox slugger and his wife, Tiffany . We discussed a certain shirtless teammate, his friendship with Koji Uehara and being mistaken for a member of the Minnesota Vikings.
David Ortiz :: Chuck Solomon/SI
SI.com: Now that you’ve had a few days to soak it all in, does this title feel any better than 2004 or 2007?
David Ortiz: That’s hard to say. They are all different. In 2004, we finally broke the curse that had been around for 86 years. But this year we did it for the city with the bombing and all the people went through. I can’t give you an answer though. They both were awesome.
SI.com:  Fair enough. How about this year’s celebration compared to 2004?
David Ortiz:  I think this  year has been a little more crazy. I hear one of my teammates is running naked around Boston.
SI.com:  I’m guessing you mean Mike Napoli. Are you surprised at all to see this from him?
David Ortiz:  No, not at all. He’s crazy. He loves to get naked so it wasn’t a huge surprise.
SI.com:  Let’s talk about another of your teammates, Dustin Pedroia . He was interviewed after Game 4 about your big dugout pep talk and said he didn’t understand a word you said. Thoughts?
David Ortiz:  Oh yeah? He said that? That’s my boy, man. He can say whatever he wants.
SI.com:  Another of your teammates that you seem to get along well with is Koji Uehara .
David Ortiz:  Hysterical. He’s one of the funniest teammates I’ve ever had.
SI.com:  I’m guessing you weren’t expecting him to be that crazy when you first met?
David Ortiz:  Not at all. But he cracks me up. He’s hysterical.
SI.com: I’ve seen your son D’Angelo playing with his son , Kaz , before games. Are they tight?
David Ortiz: Oh yeah. They’re best friends.
SI.com: Did you hear that Jake Peavy bought one of the duck boats?
David Ortiz:  He bought one of those?
Tiffany Ortiz: Yeah I heard that.
David Ortiz:  I didn’t know you could buy a duck boat.
SI.com: He allegedly paid $75,000 for it. Money well spent?
David Ortiz:  Definitely, man. Who doesn’t need a duck boat?
SI.com: Can you go anywhere in Boston these days without a huge crowd?
Tiffany Ortiz:  Pretty much no. At least not around Boston.
SI.com:  How about back in Wisconsin?
Tiffany Ortiz:  Yeah, it’s better there
David Ortiz:  People don’t think I’m on the Vikings anymore.
SI.com:  Was that a problem?
David Ortiz:  It used to be. Everyone thought I played football.
SI.com: Speaking of football, how about the the Patriots? Have you heard from Tom Brady ?
David Ortiz:  Not yet but they have always shown support man. All the Boston teams. But some of the guys on the team went to the Patriots game on Sunday and it was cool. All the teams support each other and that’s what makes Boston so special.
David and the David Ortiz Children’s Fund (DOCF ) are gearing up for a trip to the Dominican Republic, where Ortiz will  reprise his role as “host with the most” at the 6th annual David Ortiz Celebrity Golf Classic to benefit DOCF.  Ortiz is inviting sports fans and golf enthusiasts alike to join his cause by participating in the four-day celebrity VIP golfing getaway which will take place at Sanctuary Cap Cana in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, December 12th – 15, 2013. To learn more about the event and purchase tickets to this event, please visit  www.davidortizchildrensfund.org
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