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[b][url=http://www.silkroadclothes.com]The Tang costume[/url][/b]
[b][url=http://www.silkroadclothes.com]The Han Dynasty costumes[/url][/b]
Fairy gorgeous clothing
women clothing

Live Wire: Copyright registration has benefits
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Catherine Pritchard

Chinese clothes Q: I wrote a song that I'd like to get a copyright on before I send it out to artists. How can I do that? - W.L., Fayetteville
Cheongsam A: You secure copyright on a work the moment you create it and fix it in tangible form.
dress The form must be perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device. For example, an author would secure a copyright to a story the moment she wrote it down and a songwriter would secure a copyright to her music as soon as she recorded it.
Fairy gorgeous clothing It doesn't matter whether your work is "published" - that is, whether it's available to the public on an unrestricted basis.
Song Dynasty clothing Technically, it also doesn't matter if the work is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.
The Han Dynasty costumes But the copyright office says there are advantages to registering. Mainly, and importantly, you'd have evidence on your side if someone down the road stole your work and tried to pass it off as his own.
To register a work, you'd file an application and pay the copyright office $35 to $65. (Online filings are cheapest.) You'd also have to send the copyright office a copy of your work, which it could keep. You can get the application form and more info at copyright.gov or by calling either 202-707-9100 or 877-476-0778.
Meanwhile, if you've heard that you can establish copyright cheaply by sending your creation to yourself via registered mail and then keeping that piece of mail unopened, don't believe it. The Postal Service doesn't check to see if an envelope is sealed before it's mailed, so you couldn't prove the contents weren't tampered with.
Q: Several weeks ago, the Observer had an article about a consignment shop that paid you for your clothing when you dropped it off. I didn't save the article and I've forgotten the name of the shop. Can you provide it? - C.Z., Fayetteville
A: Perhaps you're talking about Clothes Mentor?
But it's not a consignment shop, which, by definition, takes consigned items from owners for the purpose of trying to resell them. The original owner isn't paid until the item sells. Clothes Mentor buys used brand-name clothing that it wants to try to resell and pays for it immediately. The chain recently opened a store in Westwood Shopping Center. For more information, call 491-0765 or go to clothesmentor.com.
Q: Can you give me an address for "Duck Dynasty"? - V.J., Dunn
A: Write any or all of the wise-cracking members of the camo-clad crew in care of Duck Commander at 117 Kings Lane, West Monroe, LA 71292.
Live Wire seeks to answer questions of general interest and consumer topics within two weeks. Initials are used to identify questioners when names are given. Contact Live Wire at facebook.com/foLiveWire, at livewire@ or at 486-3516.
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The new owner of the Prince Charles Hotel says he can't renovate the historic structure without at least a $2 million contribution from the city. Foreclosure proceedings have begun over unpaid taxes. What should happen to the hotel?
Find a way to help the renovation project without putting the city at a financial risk. Demolish the building. It's becoming an eyesore and costs too much to save. Pledge the $2 million. It's an important icon to the city. Auction the building and see if a new owner has a plan.
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The Tang costume
The Han Dynasty costumes
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