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10 wacky school bans
ugg QMI Agency
First posted:
Wednesday, November 06, 2013 01:22 PM MST
| Updated:
Wednesday, November 06, 2013 02:36 PM MST

10 wacky school bans

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uggs clearance ugg boots Bicycles
uggs on sale kids What could be healther for kids than than bicycling to school in the morning? Not biking, according to officials at Risca Primary in Newport, United Kingdom.
kids ugg boots Although the measures were not intended to be permanent they were put in place while 'risk assessments' were done.
uggs sale men Photo: Fotolia.com
Pottstown Middle School in Pennsylvania recently banned outdoor boots in the classroom. The problem seemed to revolve around students smuggling in items in their boots that are prohibited in school - and they mostly were referring to cellphones and the popular Ugg boots.
Photo: Fotolia.com
Students in a New Hampshire district had to find something else to do when the school board took dodgeball off the curriculum in March of this year.
Despite the fact that the balls used are usually very soft, the intent was to remove so-called 'human target' games from the physical education curriculum.
Photo: Fotolia.com
Brampton, Ont.’s Earnscliffe Senior Public School enacted a 'no loving, no shoving' policy in an attempt to make the school safe.
But several students balked and turned to social media to protest the rule which they claim forbade them from even hugging.
Photo: Fotolia.com
Red ink
Hundreds of schools back in 2008 in the United Kingdom banned their teachers from marking in red ink in case it upset the students.
The opposition to red ink seemed to be a world-wide trend with guidelines to schools in Queensland, Australia, also warning against red ink.
Photo: Fotolia.com
Best friends
Several schools in the United Kingdom banned 'best friends' and instead encouraged groupism .
Ostensibly this was done to help the children avoid the pain of breaking with, or getting over the loss of, a BFF.
Photo: Fotolia.com
Holding hands
In 2012 Tennessee senators approved an update to the state's sex-ed law to include warnings about holding hands.
Seems legislators saw the gesture as something akin to a 'gateway sexual activity.'
Photo: Fotolia.com
Yoga pants
Students at St. Joseph Catholic High School in Ottawa were told in 2011 that tight-fitting yoga pants did not meet the uniform code and banned students from wearing them.
The reasoning was that existing dress code rules already forbade them.
Photo: Fotolia.com
Silly Bandz
In 2010 a product that gained a huge following with youth were brightly coloured rubber wristbands called ' Silly Bandz .'
But several U.S. states including New York, Texas, Florida, and Massachusetts banned the bands branding them a hazard with all the kids fiddling with them.
Photo: QMI Agency
'Boobies' bracelets
In 2011 a Kelowna middle school banned students from wearing breast cancer awareness wristbands because they claimed the brightly coloured bracelets were inappropriate. They were part of a breast cancer awareness campaign by Keep A Breast Canada and had 'I [love] boobies!' printed on them.

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Here's a look at some other wacky bans schools, from Canada and beyond, that have been thought up by adults.
Has your school ever tried to ban anything and you disagreed?
They did but it wasn't a big issue.
Not sure.
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