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Shahidan, fake degrees are like fake Datukships
October 5, 2013
watches FMT LETTER: From Stephen Ng, via e-mail
all brand watches Minister in Prime Minister’s Department, Shahidan Kassim has said that there are no laws controlling people from using fake degrees.
swiss Mechanical movement replica watches While he may be right in saying that, the truth is that people using fake degrees are more than those buying a fake product; to make a comparison is anything but incredulous for a minister to do.
swiss Mechanical movement replica watches While fake LV or even Rolex watches are harmless to those who use them, the people who use their fake degrees are out there not only to deceive others, but to hold positions which they are not qualified to.
best replica watches site It is also a question of integrity that these people lack. For them to hold senior positions either in the government or the corporate sector, it raises further questions as to what else they are prepared to resort to in order to hang on to their positions.
replica watches While we are talking about degrees that are not recognised by the Public Services Department, in my opinion, Shahidan Kassim cannot just ignore the claims that certain ministers and deputy ministers are holding fake degrees.
I am disappointed therefore with the minister’s statement. Fake degrees are what the Government should weed out.
Since there are talks about introducing laws and punishing people using fake Datukship titles, the same should also apply to people who are holding fake degrees. It is worse when someone is claiming himself to be both a “Datuk” and “Dr” so-and-so. These impersonators are out there trying to impress on people  for personal gratification.
When Shahidan said that the Government will not do anything about fake degrees, it raises my eyebrows: Why would the Government allow people to continue to impersonate themselves as important or intellectual when they are not?
Is it because Shahidan himself, too, has a fake Datukship and perhaps have plans to refer himself as Dr Shahidan? I wonder!
If such practices are allowed to continue, people a Datuk Dr Shahidan Kassim will wonder if this is a bogus claim to Datukship and a Doctoral degree!
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