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TOP 10 FIGURES OF November 2013
By Jarrett Kruse
November 19, 2013
Source: Mania.com
As more years pass by, the better the toys seem to get. lv bags Sure there's no real Hoverboard yet but hey, at least we gone a fake one that makes “whooshing” sounds. handbags But gimmicks aside, this new column will be in the tradition of the now defunct ToyFare magazine's monthly Top 10 of hot toys. louis vuitton discount But since geeky magazine's for toy lovers are tough to come by nowadays so MANIA; like any good superhero is swooping in to save the day. louis vuitton The monthly list will provide you with a quick look at the Top 10 of the month. louis vuitton Be it price or sheer “Very-Hard-To-Find”-ness, we cover all the bases in our monthly in depth look at the figure market. louis vuitton outlet   10. ROCKY IV BATTLE DAMAGED FINAL FIGHT (NECA) NECA has been having a banner year with some impressive lines out this year. Grabbing the tenth spot on our maiden list of must have toys is from their super detailed ROCKY lV wave. But this is not just your average Rocky figure, no no. This is an ultra detailed battle damaged Rocky after 15 rounds with the Soviet baddie Ivan Drago. Made in a falling pose with blood spewing out of his mug, this is easily the best Rocky yet.   9. PREDATOR: JUNGLE DISGUISE DUTCH (NECA) Another 80's mainstay that NECA pulled out of their hats is from their amazingly detailed PREDATOR  line. Jungle Disguise Dutch has Ah-Nuld all muddied up ready for a final standoff with the galactic warrior. Brilliantly realized in this 7-inch figure, NECA has another winner.   8. '66 BATMAN & ROBIN WITH CLIMBING WALL (MATTEL) MATTEL has hit it out of the park with their 1966 Batman TV show. The catch is that you can only get the Dynamic Duo in this two-pack that comes with their signature wall. (For those that have not seen the show in a long time, B & R used to slowly climb up the wall and usually their was a celebrity in the open window.) A total home run and a must have for any self-respecting Bat-fan!   7. MARVEL UNIVERSE A-BOMB VARIANT (HASBRO) Although the MARVEL Universe line is coming to an end, the HASBRO folks still had time to pull one last trick on us. Rick Jones was saved by Dr. Bruce Banner before he absorbed all of the gamma rays on the test field that would turn him into The Incredible Hulk. Who knew that years later that Rick himself would be turned into A-Bomb and became a heavy player in the Hulk canon. Although this is the variant in the wave, hard core collectors have found big blue to be relatively easy to find. Still, it is sure to become scarce and the eBay asking price is hovering around $30.   6. STAR WARS BLACK SERIES 6-INCH SLAVE PRINCESS LEIA (HASBRO) HASBRO's seemingly endless collection of STAR WARS toys has truly outdone themselves with their new 6-inch BLACK SERIES line. And who turned up in wave two but Slave Princess Leia from RETURN OF THE JEDI. It only took thirty years to make but very young boy's fantasy is finally here! Good look finding this looker on the pegs.   5. BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS GRAPNEL LAUNCHER PROP REPLICA (NECA, GAMESTOP EXCLUSIVE) OK so its not a figure but you are now finally one step closer to becoming the Caped Crusader with GAMESTOP.com's Arkham Origins Grapnel Launcher Prop Replica at a 1:1 ratio making it exactly the right size to use (don't use though). Trust me-do not use. For just $35 in an online only sale, this makes a great holiday gift for the fanboy or girl in your life.   4. THE WALKING DEAD MERLE & DARYL DIXON ACTION FIGURE TWO-PACK (McFARLANE TOYS) AMC's zombie hit TV show is now spawning a very impressive toy line that will have you spending money like you are a, well, a zombie. This awesome two-pack features the brothers Dixon with their weapons of choice and at the ready for attack from another round of the undead. With 20 points of articulation, the only thing missing from this set is a Lynyrd Skynyrd 8-track tape.   3. BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS SERIES 1 BANE (DC COLLECTIBLES) Yet another entry in from the wildly successful Batman: Arkham Origins line. This time the towering Bane standing at close to 8 & ½ inches, the packaging for the mercenary had to be made special for the big lug. You can still get this relatively on the cheap at about $22 but my Spidey-Sense says that it is going to elevate to Gotham-like proportions.   2. NEW 52 THE JOKER (DC COLLECTIBLES) Easily the scariest looking Joker in recent memory, the New 52 Joker is based on the Death of the Family storyline from last year. Creepy in a garage jumpsuit with a sewn on face, the clown prince of crime has never been so revolting. And figure junkies wouldn't have it any other way. Man is he creepy looking.   1. SDCC 2013/ STAR  WARS CELEBRATION EUROPE  6-INCH BOBA FETT WITH HAN SOLO IN CARBONITE (HASBRO)   The Holy Grail of Star Wars figures is finally realized in 6-inch form with brilliant detail. But that's not all—this San Diego Comic Con Exclusive includes an over 6-inch Han Solo in Carbonite! Total geek overload! The price on the secondary market has topped out at around $150 but looks to make a jump with the holidays on the horizon. You can't go wrong with Boba—always bet on Fett. Can’t wait for the TOP 10 FIGURES Column of the month? Join Jarrett’s “ Action Figure Junkies ” on Facebook. Chat with fanboys and fangirls about the latest figures and where to find them!
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