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OSU basketball: Basketball connected Cowboys' Brian Williams and Cowgirls' Tiffany Bias
Williams and Bias arrived on campus the same year, 2010, and soon after connected, with a relationship that spans two years.
By John Helsley
Published: December 13, 2013
tiffany To watch Tiffany Bias command the floor as the Cowgirls point guard is to witness her in complete control.
tiffany outlet To watch her watching the Cowboys — well, one particular Cowboy, Brian Williams — is something altogether different.
Oklahoma State’s Brian Williams has been dating Cowgirls point guard Tiffany Bias for two years. AP photo
tiffany silver “I feel like one of those moms that's yelling uncontrollably,” said Bias, who suddenly loses all sense of calm when Williams is at work. “I'm just very excited; want him to do well every time he's on the court.”
tiffany rings Turns out Bias has a thing for Williams, and him for her, as a couple connected by the hardwood.
tiffany jewelry outlet They'll be together, yet separate, Saturday afternoon when the Oklahoma State men and women color the All-College Classic orange with a doubleheader featuring two teams from the same school for the first time in the storied 78-event history of the Classic.
cheap tiffany & co jewelry The Cowboys face Louisiana Tech at 1 p.m. inside Chesapeake Energy Arena, with the Cowgirls taking on South Florida at 3:30.
Williams and Bias arrived on campus the same year, 2010, and soon after connected, with a relationship that spans two years.
“Yeah, we've been kicking it for a while,” said Williams. “She's real cool. She plays basketball, too, so she understands all the stuff I've got to do being a student-athlete. And I understand, too. It works out well.”
Protective of their private lives as one of OSU's power couples, there's more to their relationship than basketball. Still, it was basketball that brought them together. And basketball facilitates a lot of fun.
“We enjoy each other's company, and it really helps to have someone else that understands the game and can help you on a mental and a physical level,” Bias said.
Mentally, they challenge each other from what they've seen in one another on the floor.
“It's funny because we always critique each other's games,” Bias said, “and it's always right after the game, like, ‘You should have done this. Why'd you do that?'
“It's fun, and I think it's good to hear someone looking from the outside in seeing what you're doing and what you need to go better.”
On the court, they go at it, too.
And Williams, always a jokester, is quick at playing the man-card.
“We play one-on-one sometimes,” he said with a laugh. “I keep the games close, but I always hit the game-winner.”
Off the court, it's more fun and games.
“We watch movies, play Call of Duty,” Williams said. “I've never had a girl play video games before, that's fun. And we play ball. Nothing too out of the ordinary.”
Williams claims superiority at the controller, too, suggesting Bias isn't up to his speed at Call of Duty.
“No, she's terrible.”
Their basketball games aren't at all alike.
Williams, at 6-foot-5, is a slashing wing player who averages 10.2 points, yet is known as much for an ability to defend four spots on the floor.
Bias, at 5-6, is the quintessential point guard, on track to become OSU's all-time assists leader. This season she's averaging 12.4 points and 8.6 assists — currently tops in the Big 12.
“She's a point guard first,” Williams said admiringly. “She can score the ball, but she looks for her teammates first. A lot of nights, Liz (Donohoe) or Brittney Martin have 20-something points and she'll have 13 or 14 assists. She got them their points.
“I like that. I couldn't do that. I'm more about buckets and defense. She's more about being a true point guard.”
Bias' scouting report on him: “He's a lights-out shooter, everyone who watches him play (knows) he's great at defense, great at offense; he does the little stuff. He's just an all-around good player.”
They do, however, share a basketball common denominator: energy.
Each fuels their team with passion and hard play and a competitiveness that carries until the clock reveals nothing but zeros.
Their teammates respect them individually. And as a couple — a rather “cute couple,” it seems.
“Very cute, very cute,” said Cowboys forward Kamari Murphy. “I want to be like them when I grow up.
“They've been together since I've been here. I always want a girlfriend that plays basketball, too, just so she understands.”
That's a definite benefit, the understanding.
“It's interesting, because they both understand what each other's going through,” said Cowboys coach Travis Ford. “They've been together a pretty long time. But I've never in two years seen them get in the way of the other. Tiffany will walk through here and it's straight through. They totally respect what each other's doing.
“But also, they're great people. Tremendous young people. It's a pretty neat relationship.”
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