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Bill Borrows Column: Spurs not fit for their boots plus, Arsenal's plank
By Bill Borrows ( @billborrows ) | Thursday, November 28, 2013
nike This column appears in the current edition of Sport magazine.   Download the free Sport iPad app from the Apple Newsstand , and follow on  Twitter @Sportmaguk
Sports Shoes Outlet Shop I tired of players wearing garish football boots at some point in the mid 1990s. Indeed, I put my objection to a well-known Premier League manager of the time.
nike factory outlet shoes "I've a dressing room full of the prima donna [expletives deleted] downstairs," he said. "If I had a pound for every time I've told them to worry about their day job rather than what they are wearing on their [another expletive deleted] feet, I'd be able to retire."
Nike Air Max He was sacked a week later.
nike shoes outlet wholesalers The thought recurred on Sunday, as Manchester City demolished a Tottenham team that long-suffering Spurs fan and talkSPORT presenter Paul Hawksbee described in a heartfelt text as "gutless and pitiful." In what might have been the most wounding response I've ever sent a fellow football fan, I just said: "Sorry."
Nike Air Max Every team can have a bad day at the office (and I'm thinking City at Cardiff, Villa and Sunderland here), but if you're going to turn up at the ground of the only team in the top four divisions with a perfect home record, the best you can do is keep your head down and go about your business with an anxious but ruthless discipline.
That is to say, don't turn up attempting to flatter to deceive like 80 per cent of the Spurs back five, with luminous football boots that seemed to scream: "Look at me, aren't I the dog's nuts?"
Alvaro Negredo can wear whatever he wants on his feet - he scores goals - but when you are part of a zonal defensive unit stumbling around like a hen party from Sunderland on a ferry back from Calais, you need camouflage boots - not 'hi-viz' anything. When 40,000-plus people are taking the piss out of your choice of footwear, something's wrong.
Alex Ferguson used to insist that the young players at Old Trafford wore old-school black boots until they had proved themselves on the pitch. When Alan Ball wore white boots, he'd already won the World Cup.
When Alan Hinton - yeah, me neither - wore a pair while playing for Derby County under Brian Clough, he at least had the good grace to explain: "The background to me wearing them was simple. A company called Hummel approached me and offered me a grand... I also supplied Marks & Spencer quality seconds pullovers to Cloughie [as a business sideline]."
You've got to earn the right to the wear the boots. But perhaps not that literally.
PLANK OF THE WEEK Wojciech Szczesny , Norf Larndon
Not satisfied with possessing the highest-value Scrabble surname in the Premier League - 31 points to the aggrieved Ricky van Wolfswinkel and Adnan Januzaj (an embarrassing 30 each) - Szczesny has taken to social media to belittle Tottenham. "Wonderful scenes at the Etihad," he tapped into his mobile phone on Sunday, seemingly unaware that Arsenal are supposed to define themselves by rather more exacting criteria than just finishing above Tottenham.
Tags: Bill Borrows Tottenham Hotspur Wojciech Szczesny Arsenal Sport Magazine Alvaro Negredo
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