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[b][url=http://www.rolex-yi.com/]Cosmograph Daytona Datejust Lady 31 Datejust Datejust II[/url][/b]
[b][url=http://www.rolex-yi.com/]Datejust 36 Datejust Special Edition Day-Date Day-Date II Lady-Datejust Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster[/url][/b]

Certified Timepieces Unveils Their Ability to Customize Rolex Watches; CT's Deal of the Day is on Men's Rolex White Diamond Dial Fluted Bezel Day Date Super President
Buyers can now customize their Rolex watches based on their personal tastes. Men's Rolex White Diamond Dial Fluted Bezel Day Date Super President (SKU #19522).
Certified Timepieces is The World's Largest Collection of Authentic Luxury Watches
Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) March 07, 2014 rolex Certified Timepieces, one of the top retailers for used Rolex watches and Cartier timepieces, has unveiled that buyers now have the power to modify and customize the pre-owened Rolex watches that they buy through the company.
rolex It is no secret that authentic Rolex watches do not come cheap and that is why the pre-used Rolex market is doing very well for itself. Rolex watches are well-known to retain value and in many cases, appreciate in time. A great way to ensure that one’s used watch does not look like the thousands of others already on the market is to customize it.
replica Cosmograph Daytona Customizations encompass everything from adding diamonds to the face of the watch to altering the Rolex watch’s colors or materials. It all depends on the buyer and what he or she has in mind. A benefit to modifying one’s pre-owned Rolex watch is to ensure that it is one hundred percent unique and unlike anything else. Rolex watch modification is a growing niche in the luxury watch market. This is especially true when it comes to used Rolex watches. This is because many people want to breathe new life into a watch that was once used and owned by someone else. A popular choice amongst pre-used Rolex watch owners is to customize their watch into a special matte black piece, called Rolex DLC/PVD. Other colors such as green and red are also popular amongst those young at heart.
fale rolex watches Another clever modification done by savvy buyers is adding diamonds to the bezel. Should the buyer choose to buy a brand new or used Rolex watch with the diamonds pre-set into it, it will undoubtedly cost more than one without diamonds. In their bid to save money, what many people opt to do is to buy a pre-owned Rolex watch and add the diamonds later on. Not only does this save them a fortune, but they can also choose the number and size of the diamonds that they wish to have on their watch.
fake watches Many buyers who purchased used Rolex watches also like customizing the band, or strap. This simple modification will not only change the entire look of the watch, but will also inject plenty of personality into it.
replica rolex Certified Timepieces is pleased to announce that the company is more than happy to customize Rolex watches purchased through them according to the buyer’s instructions. Known as one of the top luxury watch retailers on the web, Certified Timepieces is more than capable of professionally changing things up for their clients.
Whether one intends to buy a pre-used Rolex watch for someone else as a gift, or for personal use, there is no denying that a Rolex watch is a clear indication of one’s elevated status. Not only that, customization will make the watch and the wearer even more special.
One of the watches on sale through Certified Timepieces is the Men's Rolex White Diamond Dial Fluted Bezel Day Date Super President (SKU #19522).
Price: $13,045
(Bank Wire Price : $11,741)
This leaves the buyer a total savings of $1304 should they opt to pay via bank wire.
For more information on pre-used Rolex watch customization and sales on other watch brands such as Cartier , contact Certified Timepieces at certifiedtimepieces(dot)com.
Cosmograph Daytona Datejust Lady 31 Datejust Datejust II
Datejust 36 Datejust Special Edition Day-Date Day-Date II Lady-Datejust Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster
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