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Why Jennifer Lawrence Almost Didn't Get Her Oscar
Thursday 16 January, 2014
J-Law came close to never being in Silver Linings Playbook at all...
Jennifer Lawrence with the Ocsar she very nearly never received
tiffany Jennifer Lawrence very nearly didn't receive her Oscar for Best Actress last year, because she was never actually meant to be in Silver Linings Playbook – the film that won her the trophy.wholesale tiffany jewelry Anne Hathaway was originally cast as the troubled Tiffany in the Best Picture-winning movie, but quit after creative differences with the director, David O. Russell . Who knew?wholesale tiffany jewelry Movie producer Harvey Weinstein let slip the surprising fact in a radio interview with Howard Stern. Asked if it drove him insane when he couldn't get the leading lady he wanted for a film, Weinstein replied: 'It doesn't drive me insane because I've always believed if we can't get somebody established, we'll find somebody new.'tiffany 'I'll give you an idea: Silver Linings Playbook was originally going to be with Anne Hathaway and Mark Wahlberg and then Anne wasn't doing it. She's marvellous and wonderful and she was my choice, I love her,' Harvey Weinstein said.tiffany silver According to the movie mogul, David O. Russell and Anne Hathaway 'didn't see eye to eye.'tiffany Which is lucky for Jennifer, as if they had got on, she never would have been in the film that, arguably, made her name. And what about Mark Wahlberg? There's no word on why he quit the movie, but we're pleased that the part finally went to Bradley Cooper . Otherwise we wouldn't have got to see J-Law and Bradley as one of our favourite on-screen couples of recent years. Some things are just meant to be.Thankfully, Anne Hathaway also picked up an Oscar last year for her role in Les Miserables . It looks like the two ended up in the right films.Meanwhile, J-Law is up for her second Oscar – this time for Best Supporting Actress – for her part in American Hustle , also directed by David. O Russell.Let's see if she can make it two in a row... By Olivia Marks Got a tablet? You can now download In Style magazine straight to your iPad , Kindle (just search the store for 'instyle magazine'), Nook or Google Nexus
Jennifer Lawrence
Anne Hathaway
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