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[b]The Tang costume[/b]
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Beautiful Clothes
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women clothing

Chinese boy whose eyes were gouged out fitted with prosthetic eyeballs
Chinese boy who lost his eyes in attack earlier this year leaves hospital after being fitted with prosthetic eyeballs
Guo Bin is photographed with his mother and father while holding a piece of paper where he wrote the Chinese word for 'thank you', at the C-Mer Dennis Lam Eye Hospital in Shenzhen   Photo: C-MER DENNIS LAM EYE HOSPITAL
11:05AM GMT 12 Dec 2013
Chinese clothes
A six-year-old Chinese
boy who
had his eyes gouged out has been discharged from hospital, after
being fitted with prosthetic eyeballs.

Guo Bin – known as Bin Bin – has made a full recovery from surgery to attach
the implants, which look and move like normal eyes but will not enable him
to see.

The Tang costume
He was found covered in blood with his eyes removed near his home in the
northern Chinese province of Shanxi in August after going missing while
playing outside.

Han Chinese clothing
Chinese police suspect his aunt, who killed herself days later, was
responsible amid reports of a family row.

Song Dynasty clothing
"The surgery for his implants and eyeshell has been successful,"
Hong Kong-based eye expert Dennis Lam told a press conference.

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28 Aug 2013

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03 Sep 2013

Lam had offered to treat the boy for free at his clinic in the southern
mainland Chinese city of Shenzhen.

Bin Bin's artificial eyes, consisting of the implant and the eyeshell, are
attached to tissue and muscle giving them the ability to move normally.

"Little Bin Bin's eyes do not have visual abilities, though if you look
at him, he does not look any different from any other child," Lam said,
adding that it would greatly help the child's confidence.

"I am very happy," a lively Bin Bin said at the press conference
where he also danced to music for reporters.

"He can now put clothes on, brush teeth and wash his face by himself,"
the child's mother told reporters.

Bin Bin, who will fly home to Shanxi on Thursday, will begin to use sensory
equipment to help his movement next year.

The equipment, placed on the forehead and the tongue, will help Bin-Bin
navigate as it captures images and sends electric signals to his brain.

These types of navigation devices are already in use in Japan and Europe.

Lam had previously expressed hopes the boy may eventually partially regain his
sight using "bionic eyes" linked directly to the brain, but said
that this technology was at least five to 10 years away.

State news agency Xinhua named the aunt as Zhang Huiying and said she killed
herself by jumping into a village well, adding that police found the boy's
blood on her clothes following DNA tests.

Edited by Chris Irvine

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The Tang costume
The Han Dynasty costumes
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