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WATCH: Obama delivers Gettysburg Address on YouTube, leaves out 'under God'

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WATCH: Obama delivers Gettysburg Address on YouTube, leaves out 'under God'
Posted Tuesday, November 19th 2013 @ 11am  by Vince Coglianese
luxury watches online President Obama opted to leave out the words “under God” in his rendition of President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address filmed for  a website  put together by documentary filmmaker Ken Burns.
luxury watches online It’s a curious omission, particularly because,  according to eyewitnesses , Lincoln is said to have used the words “under God” when he delivered the address on November 19, 1963 — 150 years ago Tuesday.
replica watches There are five widely-accepted handwritten drafts of the Gettysburg Address: the Bliss Copy, the Nicolay Copy, the Hay Copy, the Everett Copy and the Bancroft Copy — each named for the people who first received them,  according to Abraham Lincoln Online.
Cheap watches Three of those drafts — Bliss, Everett and Bancroft — include the words “under God” in the speech’s final sentence.
Cheap watches But the other two drafts — Nicolay and Hay — are thought to be the only two from which Lincoln would have read from that autumn day.
In his YouTube video, Obama reads the Nicolay Copy.

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