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Want to be a wow at the office party? Just turn up in a naughty negligee
01:05 GMT, 25 November 2013
01:05 GMT, 25 November 2013
Christian Louboutin outlet
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Dream dressing for the Christmas party: Louis Vuitton's negligee dress
authentic christian louboutin on sale christian louboutin shoes online Ladies, I’m afraid to say that it’s
time to take urgent action to plan your party outfit. christian louboutin shoes for men Leave it any later
than this week, and all the key festive items below will have sold out.
christian louboutin shoes online I have a posh office
Christmas party to attend on December  16, and dinner with friends the
next night to introduce them to my new boyfriend — and all I can think
about is what I will wear to both. If
you think the office party is a frivolous occasion, think again: you
need to dress for the job you want, not the one you have. If I were on
the hunt to promote a woman, I certainly wouldn’t choose the one who
turns up in a red prom dress with cheap jewellery and the big old coat
they wear to the office each day. But there are some new rules that should help you out, save you money and prove flattering, too. Evening
coats, long ignored by the High Street, are a huge trend this season.
This means you keep the coat on all evening and, therefore, can wear
something quite cheap or revealing (or both!) underneath: a £25 black or
plaid negligee from Zara, say (just sew a few extra stitches into the
end of the spaghetti straps, as ones from Zara tend to snap at
inopportune moments). An evening coat avoids the need to queue at the cloakroom, and any purchase of a shrug (horrendous!) or jacket. Hobbs has a dark red coat, £239, while
River Island has a gold one for £65.  
Courteney Cox's secrets to ageing like an A-lister
Forget false lashes - if you want to look fab, try fake fur eyebrows!
An oversize wool tuxedo jacket
will do the job, too — steal it from your husband. It also no longer
matters if your dress is longer than your coat; in fact, I quite like a
hint of a hem, say lace scallops, beneath a coat. Another
great new rule is that it’s fine to wear a jumper in the evening,
either above a long skirt (Topshop has a bright green satin maxi, £68),
or over a negligee dress. Sealed with a kiss Twenty-three per cent of people have kissed a colleague at a work Christmas party
A V-neck with long sleeves is great or try a
short sleeve with a round neck: both have to be cashmere. Try Marks & Spencer or F&F at Tesco. And add a statement necklace, such as the lace metallic one from Warehouse, £20. Other
than a sweater, nothing you might wear in the day passes muster: the
bag has to be small and please don’t arrive with your big work bag or,
worse, shopping bags. And,
of course, you can even wear a dress over trousers. I favour short silk
trousers with a cigarette shape in a jewel colour, beneath a floaty 
tunic dress.
More from Liz Jones...
LIZ JONES, FASHION THERAPY: Had your fill of cheap foreign fashion? Try my best of British
LIZ JONES FASHION THERAPY: Will a new reality TV show about Liberty revive the shop's flagging fortunes?
LIZ JONES FASHION THERAPY: Want to be a wow at the office party? Just turn up in a naughty negligee
LIZ JONES FASHION THERAPY: Why it's never worth spending more than £99 on cashmere
LIZ JONES: Oh do be quiet, girls! (or if you really must talk endlessly, at least think of something interesting to say)
Crop tops, kimonos and M&S's very risky gamble: Edgy! That's Liz Jones's verdict on M&S's new collection. But will Mrs Average wear it?
LIZ JONES FASHION THERAPY: Will Tesco's new clothes store revolutionise high street fashion? I'm not convinced
LIZ JONES FASHION THERAPY: Go on, dare to bare! These see-through shirts are a sheer delight
LIZ JONES' FASHION THERAPY: 'Cashmere? I don't even think we have wool,' said the salesgirl
My posh party invite says ‘black tie’, but my friend, the vintage expert William Banks-Blaney says if you wear couture (vintage!), and it’s black and Dior, you can get away with it. I’ve never got on that well with vintage, as the fabric always feels too stiff and not stretchy. This means, for the party, I’m opting for a negligee dress from Prada in black (I have a discount card) that I will wear with black peep-shoe boots (Louboutin, in the sale) and a Bottega clutch (old, bought ten years ago), and will sling over a cream tuxedo from M&S for the dinner (I think bare arms at dinner is a bit rude). My final festive diktats are that sequins and entirely lace dresses in red are banned. And, as already mentioned, anything prom-like. Banned also are any dresses that finish above the knee. Shrugs and capes. And, finally, purple or plum, especially if you are over 40: they’re far too dour and ageing. My dream Christmas party outfit is by Louis Vuitton. Negligee dressing is a fabulous trend — as long as you wear an evening coat, which covers the arms, and there are no corset waists. And silver accessories (from Harrods) are perfect with black. If you can’t stretch to Vuitton, my best High Street buys are below. LIZ'S PICK OF THE BEST PARTY SEASON BUYS
The red skirt from Monsoon has just
the right amount of flare. I like the black cashmere cardigan by Jigsaw:
add ropes of fake pearls. Shoes should be block heeled, about 2 in
high, and slip on, to avoid any fiddly buckles and straps. Phase Eight
has some gorgeous draped maxi dresses, too, for about £130
The cheaper the garment, the simpler you need to keep the shape and the
colour. This silver maxi skirt from Wallis is very easy to wear with a
black cropped angora sweater, or a camisole top, flats or heels. And for
the cheapest bag, try a black quilted make-up bag from Warehouse. Those
who are plus-size and on a budget should visit the Inspire range, at
New Look.

Don’t feel you have to wear black and a
waterfall cardi! This red jersey dress is stunning, but comfortable.
Avoid a dagger heel, as it can make legs look wide by contrast. A high,
chunky heel is more flattering; I love, too, the silver pointy brogues
by Simple Be that come in a wide E fitting. A small clutch can look a
bit odd if you are very big. Try an oversize clutch from Accessorize.
You can go a bit overboard if you are
little, such as an entire skirt made of black feathers, as here in this
lovely black high-neck cocktail dress from Warehouse. Keep accessories
simple, such as a pair of silver pointy stilettos to add height (Rihanna
Shimmer Suede Ruffle, LK Bennett). I would finish off this look by
slinging over a gold evening coat from River Island.

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City Island NYC,
2 weeks ago

Ah yes, "dress for the job you want"...so then, when a woman turns up for the occasion in "naughty" lingerie...what job is it exactly that she's aspiring to achieve?
Click to rate
2 weeks ago

Oh come one, that petite dress is ridiculous. It may look ok on a teenager, but that's it. The brogues are horrendous as well. Aren't plus sized people allowed to wear heels?
Click to rate
Lancashire, United Kingdom,
2 weeks ago

What if you sleep in a onesie? Somehow I think I'll stick to my usual outfits thank you - and no I don't want to look sexy at the office party - it is not an event where you can completely relax.
Click to rate
The World,
2 weeks ago

So Liz says that we should wear a nightie with a coat over it (that you keep on all night) to an office party. Somehow this will be a career move resulting in promotion rather than a quick transfer to the psychiatric clinic. I guess she socializes in a very different circle than me.
Click to rate
leicester, United Kingdom,
2 weeks ago

i think il stick to my jeans heels and sparkly top thank you
Click to rate
nomen est omen,
2 weeks ago

Why is it that when I look at the petite variant I imagine the wearer to look like a demented gilded turkey? The red dress looks shapeless and who in heavens name would combine that with silver brogues? Budget appears to be topless - well yes that will get you noticed for a variety of reasons and the over 60's well OK that is about the only passable combination. But seriously woman, I truly find it remarkable that you ever edited a glossy magazine, I find it absolutely astounding, whatever you skills may be, they are certainly not on advising women how to dress.
Click to rate
nomen est omen,
2 weeks ago

Great, turn up in a negligee - so all your business skills and abilities evaporate in one fashion statement. Very professional - you really are clueless Liz aren't you?
Click to rate
Sheffield, United Kingdom,
2 weeks ago

Does she seriously think women, after all the effort they have made to break the glass ceiling, want to be wearing a 'naughty negligee' to the office party? What if they are the boss?
Or has she been re-reading Python scripts. She would be the right age.
I quote "Or why not try a new 'naughty nightie' - put it on and it melts - just watch their faces. Guaranteed to break the ice at naughty parties. Go on, go on."

Click to rate
Edinburgh Scotland, United Kingdom,
2 weeks ago

I thought you had brains Liz.
Click to rate
AlienNation, United Kingdom,
2 weeks ago

What made you think that?
Click to rate
2 weeks ago

awful!! .
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