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Urban Escapee Ditch the Commute, Build a Business, & Revitalize Main Street
Micropolitan Manifesto
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You, Super Better By katie on October 22, 2013
christian louboutin sale The video embedded below is 20 minutes long and promises to add 7 minutes to your life . If you apply the lessons you may add an extra 10 years to your life . (You’re welcome.)
The basic premise is this: a game designer,  Jane McGonigal , invented a game to help her brain heal from an injury. In the process she made some surprising connections and explores the idea of post traumatic growth .
I think you’ll also see relevancy between this and the “game” of independent business building. Also, I think this framework can be applied to downtown revitalization and economic resiliency, too. Why? Well, in the sense that achieving both requires groups of people to experience cognitive disruption and critical (re)thinking. Then, they must collectively work toward new, shared objectives. In other words, social gamification as the tool to reshape your version of reality, and/or the city around you.
Here’s the video and inspiration behind the game “SuperBetter.”
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Time Banking: The “New” Main Street Currency? By katie on October 8, 2013
A common refrain on Main Street — amongst business owners, community leaders, and other stakeholders — is a lack of resources. To go all “white girl” on you, I’ll quote rapper J. Cole without irony:
“So all you see is what you lacking, not what you packing”
I’m guilty of it at times and I’m sure you are, too.
Well, snap outta of it. We’ve all got one thing at our disposal (until of course, we don’t):
Meghan Williamson (bottom left) discusses the mechanics of using the (h)OUR Economy time banking system to community members Joelle Hackney, John Matheny and Stella Matheny at George Bowers Grocery in Staunton, Virginia, October 2012. The Mathenys used time banking to help ready their farm storefront. PHOTO: Norm Shafer
Time banking is a really innovative tool for Main Street, but one that is as old as trade because all trade depends on relationships. Last week I wrote about how our local time bank, the (h)OUR Economy , helps Main Street businesses like ours. The article was featured on the Georgia Municipal Association ‘s site and I hope provides some insight and inspiration. Drop a comment here or on their site if you have experience using time banking to build your business or other downtown efforts.
Read the article in full and see interior photos of our shop by clicking here.
(P.S. The above photo was snapped by my friend Norm Shafer . Thanks, Norm!)
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What Makes a Good Artist By katie on October 1, 2013
“[Y]ou’ll see that what makes you a good artist is what will make you a good entrepreneur, too .”
That quote is from the  Inc. article published this week titled, “ Be a Brand, Not a Label .”  ( READ IT! )
The ideas of art & commerce have rarely mixed. When they do there is often with suspicion on both sides. All that talk and drama about (YAWN) “selling out.”
I don’t mean “art” in the haughty sense of exclusivity. I mean “art” in the sense of expression, pure and simple, whatever the medium. Yes, a business can be the medium. As an art medium business building isn’t static, not everyone is suited for it, and a lot produce crappy results. 
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Popsicle Bombing Iowa and Other Summer Highlights By katie on September 25, 2013
NOTE: Now that the busy summer season is over I’ll be back on the blog more frequently. Thanks for your readership and comments!

Hooray!  I DID IT!
Goal set and accomplished: I road my bike  across the state of Iowa  in one week! Some indie business lessons I learned from this experience were:
1) If you can’t be well-prepared, be well-rested. Although I didn’t reach my goal of 1,000 miles before departure, I came damn close. Make do with what you’ve got and start where you are. I didn’t let missing my goal stop me and you shouldn’t let missing a target stop you, either. As long as you’re moving toward your goal you should keep going .
2) Everything takes longer than you think it will. Remind yourself to be patient and keep going .
3) Yes, there are hills in Iowa if you are riding with a hangover. That’s not a business lesson but worth mentioning.
The highlight of the trip was ”popsicle bombing” with my sister Annette in as many of our small town stops as possible. Others from our team (Dan & Laura) got into it, too. We purchased a box or more of frozen popsicles from the town’s corner grocery and then gave them away to passing strangers (which was easy if there are 15,000 hot and tired cyclists traveling through). It was great to garner attention outside the store and encourage others to go inside.
This started at  Schierbrock Grocery  in Neola, Iowa by accident because we each wanted a popsicle but not a box of 24. From there, it was our thing to do!
This action highlighted something else, which is even more important to point out…  Continue reading “Popsicle Bombing Iowa and Other Summer Highlights”
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You Hate Your Business. Let’s Hug It Out. By katie on June 11, 2013
A few weeks ago I started a post titled, A List of Local Businesses I Can’t Stand .
Oh, I was annoyed.
Nothing in particular sparked this attitude. Business has been great. I had a super birthday party at our shop. I also recently crossed a personal milestone of 715 miles on my bike this year, too!
So what gives? Why the ”F— it, I’m sick of this” ‘tude? Why was it bleeding over into an inventory of petty annoyances and full-of-sh*t people?
If you own your own business you’re nodding right there along with me. There are just times when you’re exhausted:
You’re sick of being cheery.
You’re sick of dealing with people who want you to solve their  problems.
You’re sick of of your own problems!
You’re sick of the time and money required to get things done to your satisfaction.
And dangit , you’re just bone tired.
Being sick of your business is a common malady. Yet no one talks about it.
(If someone says this never happens to them they are lying liars.) 
My friend, this is when you know it’s time for a “reframe,” and here’s you get over it…
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5 Years Ago Last Week… By katie on April 9, 2013
Five years ago last week we left New York City and moved to our new home in Staunton, Virginia (pop. 22,000!). Damn! It seems like a lifetime.
Almost immediately we started developing our business. We opened George Bowers Grocery in November that year. The journey has been transformative. It’s been incredibly hard and painful at times. But, I can also say that it continues to challenge us in many ways—most of them for the better. I’m proud of what we’ve built and I’m grateful for all the people who continue to help make it possible.
Here are the top five lessons I learned the hard way. Maybe you can avoid my mistakes.
WARNING: Some of these are nearly impossible to avoid.
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‘Caveat Emptor’ Becomes ‘Caveat Venditor’ (You Win) By katie on March 26, 2013
This place has a “Mustard Museum” (!) — that’s what I’m talking about.
Once upon a time locally-owned, independent businesses were the heart of our communities. Every day, millions of people exchanged products and services that contributed to flourishing local downtown economies that enriched our collective sense of self and place. One day, the highways, malls, suburbs, and internet retailers arrived — destroying much of what made our communities one-of-a-kind. Because of that, the people in our neighborhoods and downtowns suffered: socially, economically, and environmentally. Because of that, a new generation sought to rebuild what has been lost. Until finally, we’ve revitalized, reinvented, and reimagined what is now possible in our micropolitans .
That’s the story of our neighborhoods and downtowns over the previous (and next!) 60+ years.
click to tweet!
I learned about the six sentence “Pixar pitch” reading Dan Pink’s latest book, “ To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others .” I highly recommend it.
Pink says selling has changed more in the last 10 years than in the last 100, and I agree. Here’s why.
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Make Money Come Back to You By katie on March 19, 2013

The Atlantic wrote a distressing story this week,  Why Twenty-Somethings Aren’t Doomed to Be Poor (but Thirty-Somethings Might Be) . It pointed out what we already know: our economic reality has fundamentally shifted. Those of us who are 30-somethings — especially those of us who followed the “ American religion ” of getting an education, buying a house, etc., — might be squeezed the tightest.
It’s a sobering read for a bootstrapping business owner like me, and maybe you, too. Money is frequently a front and center topic! So I’m happy to say:
People, please.   It ain’t all doom and gloom! Just think. Chances are good you’re living a higher standard of living than your great-great-grandparents, what, with indoor plumbing and all.   ( Everything is amazing and no one is happy! )
Here’s a short story about money that came back to me, and three tips to get money coming back to you.
Continue reading “Make Money Come Back to You”
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How Our Business Got in the NYT This Week By katie on March 12, 2013
Friday we hit a milestone: we were in the Small Business section of  The New York Times !

As former New York City residents  – which the paper of record calls “ Hipsturbians ” — and as daily readers, we were pretty stoked.
Our business was featured in a section called “Money Shot,” which asked business owners to send in a photo that represents their business. Here’s the direct link to our photo profile.
So how did we beat out other submissions and get here?
It comes down to one primary tool, and you can build your own for the same purpose…
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These Days Will Test You By katie on March 5, 2013
Today is the day we learn what happens next.
Of course, you can say that about any arbitrary day. Daily decisions and habits form your life. So does random chance and patterns unseen. But in a cold hospital the point is made even clearer. Will you choose Decision A? How about Decision B?
What if both options are not so good?
Or just plain bad?
. . .
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